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Your Royal Hairness

Yes, I am that girl. I am that girl on a quest for perfect hair. You know as well as I do, like me, you put a multitude of products in your hair at any given time. Including your shampoos and conditioners. Along with a plethora of styling agents. Mouse, gel, sprays, shiners, oils, waxes, etc. Oh, yuck that product build up.  Oy, our poor tresses.
This is pretty simple here. Get in your car and drive to the grocery store and pick up a good-sized bottle of Braggs ACV. What? You’ve never heard of it? Have you been living under a rock? Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Heaven in a bottle. No lie, there are about 30 different uses for this lovely elixir. No, I am not a rocket scientist. Nor am I an expert..on, well anything really. I like to say I know a little about a lot. Just call me a wealth of useless (or useful) depending on your view, information. And I wouldn’t call myself high maintenance. But boy, am I a picky bi***. Listen I like what I like. But I also will try anything once. How else would I know. So, getting back to heaven in a bottle. I’m not here to preach about everything this Raw, Organic, Unfiltered “salad dressing” can do. Oh, lets see, like losing a bit of weight, soothing a sour stomach, a wonderful cleaning solution for, well, almost anything, restoring the PH in your skin(and hair) Just Google it http://www.swansonvitamins.com/blog/jenessa/apple-cider-vinegar-uses I’m not makin this shit up. But seeing is believing. Seriously, who doesn’t want shiny, bouncy ,clarified, free from product hair. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which, when applied to your scalp, removes excess buildup left from styling products and shampoos. I only wash my hair about two times a week so I only use this concoction ( water and Braggs ACV) once a week.  Remember that old adage “to much of a good thing”. I gotta tell you that the day I use this on my hair, is the day I get the most compliments. Funny, there’s something so healthy sounding about clarifying and bringing the PH back to your hair.
Ah..so sweet and simple
Go buy your self a little travel size plastic bottle with a cover from the dollar store.
Fill it with about a quarter to a half cup of Braggs ACV ( yes it has to be Braggs brand) Raw, Unfiltered, Organic. Then add about a cup (or two) of water. Shampoo your hair with your shampoo of choice. With your head tilted back (or forward) put/pour your Braggs rinse over your hair slowly, guiding it with your hand. You might not use the whole thing depending on the length of your hair. And please friends be oh so careful NOT to get in your eyes. This does not feel good, yes, I have done it. I suppose its one of the things you can’t use this for, your eyeballs👀 Then massage it deeply in your scalp and hair. Leave it in about 5 minutes. Rinse well. Proceed with a small amount of conditioner of your choice. Leave that in about 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse with cool water. FYI: did you know that rinsing your conditioner out with cool water is so much better for your tresses? *It makes your hair shinier and saves you from frizz *It makes your scalp cleaner *It improves the blood circulation to your scalp. I’ve been doing this for many, many years. See, I told you I was a wealth a useless/useful information.
Again, I’m no expert… I’m just a girl, on a quest for perfect hair….
Hey look..bonus stuff;
● Use a 100% cotton Tee Shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair. Drying your hair with a standard towel can absorb too much moisture and rough up the cuticle, causing extra frizz. Been doing this one for years as well.
●Take a cotton ball and swipe some of that Braggs ACV over your face before you put your moisturizer on. It seriously makes your skin tighter and brighter. If you have sensitive skin, dilute it with water.
●While you have that cap off of that Braggs, take a swig. Yeah, that’s what I said, take a swig, a shot, whatever you want to call it. Just do it! Instant energy and lovely for your insides. 
And most important…Have a Beautiful Day♡