Say Yes to No

Overwhelmed?  STOP, literally stop right now and think about the times you have said yes, when you really wanted to say no. … “NO NO NO” Kinda feels good. I don’t say it often enough (but I’m learning) I guess that comes with the territory of being a people pleaser. Or if you do say it. The guilt that is attached to it also goes along with us people pleasers. Refuse to please others at the expense of your emotional well being even if it means saying no to people who are used to hearing yes. Simply declining does not make you a bad person. You will still be liked. And if you’re not, well that’s not your problem that’s the other person’s problem. If others get mad because you say no occasionally they are not people you should be surrounding yourself with anyway .God forbid you say that awful word “no”. It is possible to say no without making excuses, without lying, without over explaining yourself. Just kind of let it roll off your tongue. It’s that easy. Right? Saying no means you know your limits. And we all have them. Again, we are not bad people because of it. Give yourself permission to say no without feeling guilty, mean or selfish. You have to make peace with this “complete sentence”. That’s right, no is a complete sentence. It does not require explanation or justification. Actually saying no can sometimes be the ultimate self care. Never feel bad about doing what’s best for you. Remember, you teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce. Much self respect comes with staying true to thyself.

Check list towards self preservation:
*do not let other people hurt you
*set good boundaries
*hang out with people who appreciate you
*always be compassionate with yourself
**say NO when you mean NO
*always appreciate yourself
*SMILE and be happy 😊
” there is a sense of calm that comes with self-preservation”

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