Happiness and heartache

” Dogs lives are too short. They’re only fault, really.” ~ Angus Sligh Turnbull

One of the hardest aspects of our relationships with dogs is the great difference in our lifespans. When you open your heart to a dog, you do so knowing that you’re probably going to outlive him or her. The abundance of joy that dogs bring to our lives is worth the pain we feel of losing them, but oh, how awful that pain can be.

Sadly, we are given the gut-wrenching responsibility of making that difficult decision. The empathy and selflessness required to say, “I understand that it hurts too much, and I love you enough to end that suffering” is enormous!

 Life without your dear companion is definitely going to feel empty and raw. Embrace this grief. It’s okay to feel sad . It’s so very hard to adjust to life without your precious soul when they’ve been a fixture in your life for any amount of time. 
There are constant reminders that they’re no longer there, and it’s normal to have that raw pain that can come over you like a wave. The empty dog bed, the silence when the mailman visits, the lovely dance they do when you ask if they want to go for a walk.
At some point, grief does fade, although it never truly leaves us. You’ll find yourself smiling and laughing at memories of your dog instead of crying. Reminders of your dog’s happy moments will make you joyful. Perhaps a new relationship will blossom with another dog, of course never replacing the relationship that you had with your lost companion. You will be richer for the lessons that your old friend taught you. Each new dog benefits from the teachings of the ones who came before, and opening your heart to a new dog when the time feels right can be a beautiful tribute to the dog you lost. 
💗This is dedicated to Roger & Joann Dalessio in the loving memory of their sweet Katie..who has just crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge💗
Rest in Peace Sweet Katie



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